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Bazaar Classics: Vaca Vieja

Vaca Vieja

Diners at Bazaar Meat might notice something uncommon to steakhouses on the menu: Vaca Vieja rib-eye. Spanish for “old cow,” this is a specialty we have been offering since opening and is inspired by Spanish tradition. The Bazaar team works with Mindful Meats in California, where they source whole, live 8- to 10-year-old Jerseys and Holsteins from certified-organic, non-GMO ranches in Marin and Sonoma counties for this dish. And for our Bazaar on the Roof fête on October 24, Chef Alex will prepare a rotisserie steamship American wagyu from Christopher Brandt, a small-scale certified wagyu farmer in Missouri, for wagyu shortribs and wagyu tartare on a shiso leaf. To try these mature meat specials, click the link above for tickets to Bazaar on the Roof!

“There is a flavor there that is more potent as time goes on... And the results speak for themselves.” 
-- Alex Pitts, Executive Chef, Bazaar Meat in Modern Farmer

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